This is a prototype and proof of concept using Dialogflow. Dialogflow is a conversational user experience platform enabling brand-unique, natural language interactions for devices, applications and services. It can be use for conversation processing that performs tasks and answers users' question in a natural language. The purpose of this document is to show you how to create your own Learning Machines Agent using Dialogflow.
How Do We Project Inventory Needs For Black Friday?

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Path to Success Exercise - Mind Game - June 1-13, 2017
Building Blocks - StoryBased
Messenger (Talk With Jack) - StoryBased
Word Trivia - StoryBased
Word Bird
Book Shopping
An Interview With Ken
This is a Mind Game Exercise. See the instructions in the Game.  The purpose of the exercise is to let you type what comes to your mind as you read the Start Word - "Path to Success." After you answer, make your comments below to the following questions: What was happening in your mind when you answered? Where were your answers coming from? Based from the concept of Interactive Story, what did you discover from this exercise? 
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