Stash the Cash Lesson
410: Washing Hands 71416 Frequent hand washing is so common that people take them for granted - whether at home or in the work environment.
Finance for Managers 71416 This is an example of a Story-Based Learning Design. Series of stories allow learners to experience the learning by real-life stories, which delivers the must-learn. The learn-on-need are found in the references. Please note only one lesson works, the "Missing Commission."
Edison - He Should Know 71416 He Should Know (TCRYM)
AG PG&E - World Savings Landing 71416
Bank of America - HR Discrimination 71416 Successful leading and complying with HR Laws.
Edison eLearning - Delegation 71416
Too Much Downtime 71416
LyondellBasell - Toxic Waste 71416
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