How to Support the New Learners in Modern Organizations

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    Fri, Jun 02, 2017 at 12AM Pacific / 3AM Eastern
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Employees within modern organizations, become seekers of immediate solutions and constant improvement of their work. The rapid demand, constant change, accelerating career paths and abundance of technologies allow them to “skip" traditional learning and training. Their organizations encourage them and provide opportunities to grow.

Unfortunately, most trainers with more traditional methods are unable  to support the seekers. Instead, they discourage their growth and eventually lose them to competitors.

Topics covered:
  • Know the difference between modern and old training and learning methods employed in organizations
  • Learn to contrast: seeker styles  with learning styles and differentiate workflow applications from content learning
  • Identify your approach: explainer or inducer, hoarder or expounder of information
  • Learn the seven attributes of the seekers
  • Understand the learning flow or inclinations of the seekers.
  • Incorporate adjustments to your learning environments to support the seekers

Attend the webinar and take a self-reflection survey - “The Seekers.”


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