Are You Prototyping Your Future eLearning?
Or Are You Still Designing for the Past?

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    Thu, Jul 02, 2015 at 12AM Pacific / 3AM Eastern
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Experts say we are now in our third generation of eLearning. During the first, we were able to upload PDFs and PowerPoint files and let our learners study online. The second generation featured rapid authoring software, which allowed us to breeze through and add narration and interactive elements, along with some other really cool stuff.  Now, for the third generation, we have an abundance of options ranging from blended, social, gamification, and cloud to TINCAN, among many others. 

The numerous options that we have can be overwhelming – and this is both a good and a bad thing.

With the adoption of AGILE Project Management and Michael Allen’s SAM (Successive Approximation Model), we have a signal - we now have to design learning and delivery for extreme flexible learning needs and systems and anticipate the future. We need to prototype the future, fast.

Topics covered:

  • What is the demand, new meaning and value of “Prototyping your Future eLearning?”
  • When is prototyping cheaper, faster, and more efficient than the traditional content scripting and documentation, storyboarding, and production?
  • What are the elements and components of a Future eLearning Prototyping Approach?
  • How do you build a library of prototypes and models for easy and quick decision making?
  • How do you prototype quickly for creative standards, image selections, and interactive options?
  • How do you create an appealing low cost prototype budget?
  • How do you aim to push your prototypes to project future-driven and innovative solutions which may seem to be ahead of the curve, yet add tremendous value when implemented?
  • What are the steps used in Future eLearning Prototyping Approach?


Models and demos will be presented during the webinar.


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