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Micro-Learning is about low effort, fast, easy and immediate application learning. It is currently popular because many companies realize their courses are massive and bloated that learners waste time and energy  learning unnecessary content. Furthermore, the large content does not favorably support and empower on-the-go learners. Below is a list of demos and examples of Micro-Learning lessons. These are just prototypes and not completed products. The objective is to give you a feel of how and what Micro-Learning is all about. Please click here to learn more. To learn more about Micro-Learning, click here.
Disruptive - Increase Speed 300%, Cut Cost to 30%
Micro-Learning - Disruptive - Increase Speed 300%, Cut Cost to 30%
It's Usefulness, Not Smallness
It\'s Usefulness, Not Smallness
"Get-it-now, Do-it-now" - The Seekers, The Metrics
Micro-Learning - "Get-it-now, Do-it-now" - The Seekers, The Metrics
Gas and Fire - Microlearning
This is a safety reminder not to be distracted when you do your job. 
Hangover Joe Story
Microlearning: Hangover Joe
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