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Hands-On #2: Lionfish Story - Your Story Design Template
eLearning Lesson 6 months
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Homeland Security Chatbot. ​Learning Machines Texting Answers - Home Security (Ask only about hacking, hack, security -- all else may not create results)
eLearning Lesson 8 months
Microlearning summit header
Microlearning Summit References by Ray Jimenez. Ph.D.
Micro-Learning 8 months
Microsoft powerpoint   jazzup compliance rayjimenezfeb122018   compatibility mode   google chrome 2018 02 16 00.35.33
Jazz Up Your Technical and Compliance Training
eLearning Lesson 8 months
Microsoft powerpoint   deep dive thinking rayjimenezfeb12208   compatibility mode   google chrome 2018 02 16 00.25.36
Create Deep Dive Learning to Avoid Catastrophic Errors and Accelerate Performance.
eLearning Lesson 8 months
How to forward an imessage thread via email
Text Messaging
eLearning Lesson 9 months
eLearning Lesson 9 months
eLearning Lesson 9 months
Life in 5 Seconds
eLearning Lesson 9 months
Examples demos 01
Whisper Course by Google
Micro-Learning 9 months
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