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Hands-On #2: Lionfish Story - Your Story Design Template
eLearning Lesson 8 months
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Homeland Security Chatbot. ​Learning Machines Texting Answers - Home Security (Ask only about hacking, hack, security -- all else may not create results)
eLearning Lesson 10 months
Microlearning summit header
Microlearning Summit References by Ray Jimenez. Ph.D.
Micro-Learning 10 months
Microsoft powerpoint   jazzup compliance rayjimenezfeb122018   compatibility mode   google chrome 2018 02 16 00.35.33
Jazz Up Your Technical and Compliance Training
eLearning Lesson 10 months
Microsoft powerpoint   deep dive thinking rayjimenezfeb12208   compatibility mode   google chrome 2018 02 16 00.25.36
Create Deep Dive Learning to Avoid Catastrophic Errors and Accelerate Performance.
eLearning Lesson 10 months
How to forward an imessage thread via email
Text Messaging
eLearning Lesson 11 months
eLearning Lesson 11 months
eLearning Lesson 11 months
Life in 5 Seconds
eLearning Lesson 11 months
Examples demos 01
Whisper Course by Google
Micro-Learning 11 months
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